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김영대 Kim Young DaeLetter for Young-dae

Mariel Kaquilala
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Annyeong! My name is Mariel Kaquilala. I am from the Philippines. I love Kim Young-dae because he gave me so much inspiration. I love how you act because I can see through your emotions. I am very happy because I get to be a part of your fandom, it makes me so proud. You gave me so much motivation to continue living my life because lately I've been having troubles in life but thanks to you, my day gets better everyday. I am learning Korean language because I plan to move there because of work. I am giving you my very full support! We love you so much Kim Young-dae! Thank you for being an inspiration. 

P.S. - Shooting stars is making me want to shout out loud because of you acting with Lee sung-kyung. Fighting!! 

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