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김영대 Kim Young DaeGreetings to you

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Hi young dae.. How are you? My name is Adelia, I'm from Indonesia. Hmm.. Sorry, I'm not good enough on writing a letter or something,, but this time I try my best,, Ready, young dae-ssi, I want you to know that you really makes me crazy. I already watch your drama "shooting stars" (sorry its too late, TT) and arrrggghhhh.. Damn, you're so so so cool.. Usualy I'm not interested with the actor that younger than me (lol), but you... you already hit me differently. Arrrgh.. Hmm..  I can't call you oppa right (cause i'm older 4yrs than you)? then what? Uri dongsaeng? Lol. Anyway, i'm waiting for your next project and your come to Indonesia.. Please Take care of your self young dae-ssi..

Your sister from abroad,


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